1 Essential Detail Your Resume Writer Needs to Craft Your Resume

Creating an effective resume can be more challenging than it appears. Resume writers must excel at linking the dots, selecting ATS-compatible keywords, and optimizing your resume to make it easily skimmable, which improves your chances of landing an interview.

But as a job seeker, you can facilitate the resume writing process by providing one crucial piece of information.

When I began writing resumes, I was nearly overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data to process. It’s embarrassing to admit, but I almost gave up. It was only when I concentrated on critical aspects of resume writing that I started to see gradual progress.

Fear not, I’m here to make life easier for your resume writer. In this post, I’ll divulge the one piece of information your resume writer needs to create the perfect resume.

So, here it is, without further ado.

A question to contemplate

“What is the next job I want?” Posing this question to yourself and sharing your response with your resume writer will undoubtedly make a difference in your job hunt. Reflecting on this question and providing a solid answer will save both you and your resume writer valuable time. Your answer will serve as the guiding principle when assembling the various components of your resume. This information will simplify the task of connecting concepts between your past or current job and your dream job. Neglecting this question will only prolong your job search and decrease your chances of success.

In my time writing resumes, I’ve encountered a handful of job seekers who already know their next career move or desired path. They contact us through our website and share their old resume and a link to the job they want to apply for. The materials they provide help us create a tailored resume—optimized for keywords, ATS-friendly, and skimmable, which increases their chances of being interviewed.

However, many job hunters reach out to us with scattered objectives, unsure of which path to pursue. In these cases, we offer a free consultation to help them determine their desired career. Alternatively, they can opt for a general resume.

From general to specific

Some individuals choose a general resume over a targeted one because their work experience showcases them as a jack-of-all-trades. Luckily, our resume writers can help you transform your diverse experience into a career advantage, allowing you to transition from a general to a targeted resume.

The easiest way to move from a general to a targeted resume is to visit your preferred job board and select a posting that captures your interest. This exercise will clarify your next career move. Save the job posting’s link and share it with your resume writer through our website for reference.

We extract transferable skills from your work experiences and use them to make your resume stand out in a volatile, highly competitive job market. We also identify the soft skills you possess based on your work experience and integrate them into your resume. Moreover, we research your accomplishments and responsibilities you may not be aware of, making logical connections between related concepts from your work experiences to your target job.

Content reigns supreme

In the world of resumes, content is king. If your resume lacks the necessary information, you won’t land an interview—it’s that simple. We concentrate on creating resumes that capture attention by recognizing that human attention spans are dwindling. Keep in mind that before your resume reaches human hands, it must first pass through automated systems. Thus, your resume should be designed for machines while remaining easily readable for the people who will skim it, make decisions, and (hopefully) invite you for an interview.

In conclusion, take some time to reflect on your career goals. You don’t need to have all the answers or be completely certain of a single path. Instead, consider how you will use the resume so that your resume writer can craft a document that truly works for you. You may find that the exercise of identifying appealing job opportunities not only excites you about the possibilities but also helps you focus your energy on the process. You may even discover that you need more than one resume. Whatever the revelation may be, it all begins with a straightforward question – “What’s the next job I want?” This ensures that your resume effectively answers the employer’s question, “Why should I hire you for this role?”

Are you ready to create your resume now? See how our team of resume writers can assist you in your job search.