The How-To Guide for Using a 3-Step Formula for Creating Viral Content

Creating viral content is more complicated than it looks. You must master copywriting, get to know your audience, and figure out the topic to write about. But if you’re a budding content writer, you only need to focus on the essentials and acquire skills as you go along. When I first started writing content, the […]

Optimize Your Productivity With Interstitial Journaling Using Tools for Thought

We get a sense of accomplishment every time we tick off an item on our to-do list. However, the euphoria fades away as we move on to our next task. But what if there’s a way to capture those fleeting moments so we can have something to look back on? Without a doubt, there are […]

phonetonote: Messenger-Roam Research Integration Made Easy With Roam Depot

One of the most significant pain points of using Roam Research is adding notes via mobile. Fortunately, phonetonote (formerly Phonetoroam) came into the picture and has made it faster to add notes into Roam. In a blog post, I’ve shared the old process for integrating Facebook Messenger with Roam via Phonetoroam. Today, I’ll share the step-by-step guide for installing […]

My Second Brain: Using Multiple Apps to Ramp up My Productivity

There are a lot of tools for thought out there waiting for us to explore. Some productivity apps have features with dizzying complexities. Others are plain simple. More often than not, there are features in an app that you wish were also present in another. In our search for an “all-in-one productivity app,” our quest […]