phonetonote: Messenger-Roam Research Integration Made Easy With Roam Depot

One of the most significant pain points of using Roam Research is adding notes via mobile.

Fortunately, phonetonote (formerly Phonetoroam) came into the picture and has made it faster to add notes into Roam.

In a blog post, I’ve shared the old process for integrating Facebook Messenger with Roam via Phonetoroam.

Today, I’ll share the step-by-step guide for installing phonetonote Extension via Roam Depot to integrate Messenger with Roam.

Here’s how:

  1. Sign in to your Roam Research graph and click on Roam Depot.
  2. Click on Install and copy your ptn key.
  3. Click on ptn dash ↗.
  4. Click on sending us messages and enter your ptn key when prompted by the phonetonote Messenger bot.

You can now add notes into Roam fast!

We’ve just covered how to install phonetonote via Roam Depot.

Aside from Messenger, you can also integrate other apps with Roam via phonetonote.

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