Phonetoroam: Capture Your Ideas Instantly Using Facebook Messenger to Roam

Roam Research has been my most used app since I signed up for it in 2020. As my second brain, it has helped me write resumes and cover letters for clients fast because of its excellent search capabilities that you’d wish Evernote had. But one thing that Roam lacks is a quick way to capture ideas fast.

Ideas can strike anytime, anywhere. And when you try to capture an idea using Roam, you’ll be prompted with a forever loading ‘Tao of Roam’.

‘Tao of Roam’

On a positive note, though, it’s suitable for a one-moment meditation. But the point is, the moment Roam’s interface has completely loaded, there’s a big chance that you’ve already forgotten what you’re about to save into the app.

To address this issue with Roam, I tried a third-party app integration using Drafts on my iPhone. The Drafts-Roam integration didn’t work for me because it has to go through many hoops before seeing my content loaded into Roam. It gets the job done, but I wanted something better until I discovered Phonetoroam.

In a nutshell, Phonetoroam zaps your ideas from your phone to Roam. That’s according to Scott Block, the founder of Phonetoroam. No less than the co-founder of Roam Research, Connor White-Sullivan, tweeted about Phonetoroam.

To see the power of Phonetoroam yourself, I’ll walk you through how to integrate it with Roam Research in simple, easy steps. Please note that I’m using Facebook Messenger instead of my cellphone number to capture ideas into Roam.

1. Visit Phonetoroam to register.
2. Enter your country code and phone number in the box.
3. Select ‘text’ as your verification method and click on the ‘sign up’ button. You’ll receive a text message (the Phonetoroam verification code may vary). See screenshot below:

4. Enter your verification code on the Phonetoroam website. You’ll see a script that contains a key that’s unique to you.
5. Go to your Roam Research account and follow the steps on how to install a Roam plugin.
6. On your web browser, visit It’ll redirect to your Facebook Messenger account, and you’ll be asked to enter your unique key (see Step No. 4). You’re now ready to send content from your Facebook Messenger to Roam lightning fast ⚡


I opted to use Facebook Messenger instead of my cellphone number to capture ideas into Roam because, as much as possible, I avoid switching between apps. I prefer Messenger because I use it for my chatbot marketing services and communicate with my clients for my resume writing services.

Try using Phonetoroam, and you’ll be amazed at how you can accomplish many things with Roam Research that you’ve never thought possible.

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